Our Facility

Our facilities are ideally scaled to size for children. The fourteen generously sized classrooms all boast various learning centers to help your children develop language arts, math, science, and life skills. We also have a full-size gymnasium where children receive daily physical education classes.

Additionally, there is an enclosed courtyard, spacious grounds with separate age-appropriate play areas for both toddlers and pre- schoolers. A hands- on nature trail also provides ample opportunities.

View of the Preschool hallway
from the main entrance.

View of the main hallway from
the main entrance.

The main hallway looking towards
the main entrance.

Our butterfly! The students love this artwork...made by previous students!

View of the Transition Room & Toddler hallway.

The office and conference room.

Main Playground

Bike Path Playground

Toddler Playground

Courtyard Playground