Creating a Positive Environment for Our Children.

Transition (Room 8)

Sarah Grabner

This begins my 13th year at Assumption in the Transition Room. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Michigan University, with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education. I’ve taken additional courses in Early Childhood and Speech Pathology as well. I enjoy getting to know a new batch of children each year and love watching  them grow and develop. Each year provides me with a new and exciting adventure. I enjoy being part of the Assumption family.

Sue Moses

I have been a part of the Assumption family since March 2016.  I spent 3 years working with children in Room 9, and now I am the assistant in Room8.

In 1999, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from EMU and finished my Master’s Program at WSU in 2007.  I enjoy working with children of all ages and watching them learn new skills.

My husband and I stay busy with our elementary and middle school children.  I also play cello with my church choir and enjoy sharing my talent with the Assumption Children and Staff at Christmastime.