Creating a Positive Environment for Our Children.

Resources and Activities

Keep your child challenged, engaged, and active during their extended time at home with a variety of creative learning experiences. You can utilize objects that are commonly found around the home to enrich your daily routine. Here are some recommended activities to try today!

Additional resources are also available on the bottom of this page.

IN SEARCH OF SEWERS: Create essential masks

Maria Zingas is an Assistant Teacher in Room 2, as well as an experienced fashion designer. Currently, she is working to create essential masks for anyone who needs them, including doctors, nurses, care workers, grocery store workers and the elderly. She has filled 80 orders and is also working on prototypes of face shields and shower caps.

Maria anticipates a surge of need as the professional grade equipment is running in short supply. Assistance is needed in assembling and sewing to extend this effort. Instructions will be provided. If you are able to help or have any questions, please contact

Community Spring Scavenger Hunt

To participate, just put something in your front facing window each week to go with that weeks theme. It should be large enough to see from the road and can be hand made or anything you have around the house! Kids can spot them from the road and can still practice social distancing.

March 22 to March 28: Dinosaur

March 29 to April 4: Flower

April 5 to April 11: Bunny

April 12 to April 18: Super Hero

April 19 to April 25: Disney Character

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

You can also participate in scavenger hunts in your own home or backyard! Download and print sheets like this one here, or create your own!

Experiment: How Clouds Make Rain

Materials needed: A jar (or clear cup), shaving cream, food coloring, water

1. Put water in the cup 2. Put a shaving cream “cloud” on top 3. Drip food coloring onto the “cloud” 4. Wait to see what happens when the cloud gets too heavy!

Tape Activities

Tape is a very versatile resource which can be used to encourage problem solving, creative thinking, and both gross and fine motor movements. Younger children enjoy sticking, picking, and peeling tape on any surface, which supports development of the fine muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists. Painter’s tape can be used to create lines on hard flooring for obstacle courses, jumping, and maze designs. Older children enjoy using their imagination to design doll houses or roads and garages to enhance their pretend play. Grab a roll of tape and see where your imagination takes you!

Scoop and Transfer Stations

If you’ve ever wondered why your young child continues to dump their toys on the floor, it’s because you have a budding scientist on your hands who is experimenting with space and movement! Scoop and dump activities can get a little messy (note the larger container underneath) but provide valuable opportunities for developing STEM skills, and are also extremely versatile. You can use dry goods, such as pasta, rice, and beans in varying sizes and colors, or art materials like pompoms, paper scraps, and cotton balls. Sand and water are also classic favorites. Allow your child to mix materials with various sized spoons, bowls, cups, and measuring utensils.

Create Your Own Game!

BINGO is a simple and fun way to enhance your child’s developing skills. It can be easily modified for all age groups, and used to introduce letters, colors, and numbers, or support object recognition. Best of all it requires very few materials!


Click on the links for e-learning, educational games/apps, and more activity ideas!

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