Register for 20/21 School Year

Year-round flexible scheduling is available, including half-day and full-day programs with the opportunity for extended hours from 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Limited space is available in the following classes:

  • Young Toddlers: 12-18 months,
  • Middle Toddlers: 18-22 months,
  • Older Toddler Room: 22-30 months,
  • Transition: 2 ½ – 3 years,
  • 3-year-old preschool classes – turning 3 before December 1
  • 4-year-old preschool classes – turning 4 before December 1
  • Young Fives class. (With the State of Michigan changing the starting age of Kindergarten, children who turn 5 between August and November can enroll in the Young Fives class that will give them an opportunity to explore an introduction to Kindergarten curriculum in a developmentally appropriate environment.)

As the recipient of the Governor’s Award of Excellence, Assumption provides an age-appropriate educational environment where children are encouraged to engage in activities to discover and explore new areas of interest. The curriculum is aligned with the State of Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality (ECSQ). It provides children the opportunity to develop friendships, problem solving techniques, decision making skills, independence and self-confidence.

Assumption staff has been trained in Habits of Mind, a program which enhances the State’s revised curriculum to the Approaches To Learning domain. This particular domain focuses on how to learn on one’s own and in the company of others. It demonstrates the relationship between thinking, learning and acting. Expectations in this domain are expressions of positive attitudes, skills and learning processes that build foundations for lifelong learning and responsible living in a continuously changing world.

The Assumption staff skillfully guide children toward self-regulation as they present a well-rounded curriculum covering the following subject areas required by the State standards for Early Childhood: Creative Arts, Language and Early Literacy, Technology Literacy, Social, Emotional and Physical Health and Development, Early Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Technology is a new addition to the state curriculum. This year the preschool staff will be trained to incorporate technology into their classrooms while using it to reach the highest level of learning.

We acknowledge that learning doesn’t end in the classroom, therefore, Assumption hosts several family and community building events throughout the school year, including yearly Family Art and Science Exploration Day, Family Fun Night and the Ice Cream Social, to name a few.

The school prides itself with a professional and loyal staff who embrace our school’s philosophy, “dedicated to the development of each child as a total individual — socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively — in a secure
and caring atmosphere.” They continually seek best practices and professional development through opportunities to enhance early childhood learning experiences.

Located on three acres, the newly renovated facility is scaled to size for children and includes 13 self-contained classrooms, a school-size gym, nature trail
with gardens and four separate, safe and secure outdoor play yards with age appropriate playground equipment. It is the ideal environment for children to experience, learn and grow.

Located at 22150 Marter Road, the school calendar follows that of the Grosse Pointe Public Schools. Call 586-772-4477 to schedule a tour with Director Christol DeWaele.