Setting Up The Derby!!! Applause! Applause! Applause! We would like to express congratulations and our deepest gratitude to everyone who supported  our Derby Jubilee Auction to benefit our  Assumption Nursery School!  Whether you made a donation, attended the event or volunteered, you helped make the evening a huge success!  Our hats off to the incredible work done by parent leaders Lauren Aliahmad, Jennifer Amori, Michelle Crandall, Caitlin Inger, Taryn Loughlin, Lauren McMichael, staff coordinator, Rene Garkinos, Director, Chris DeWaele, assisted by Admin staff, Paula Armbruster, Teresa Poletis, Olga Cardasis and our wonderful staff of teachers, assistants, and building managers.  Special thanks to Brandon […]

Derby Jubilee A Winner!