Dear Parents and Friends of Assumption, Thanks are inadequate for the outstanding and amazing event to benefit our school and our children! To bring back the formal venue of the school auction would normally take a few years to build interest again. However, we realized an amazing success due to the dedication of our extraordinary chairs, Melissa Hamoli and Jennifer Amori and outstanding parent volunteers and staff, especially Dailan Brewster, Michelle Crandall, Rene Garkinos, Taryn Loughlin and Lauren Mc Michael. The word is out!! The ambiance the committee set was spectacular and the food was sumptuous. We have heard from many people in the community that their neighbors and friends who attended the Auction raved and they all want to attend next year!! We are pleased to announce that due to the revenues generated, we will be announcing upgrades to our security system with the installation of additional equipment. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our parents and community businesses. Be sure to visit our website for all of the great photos of the evening, program ads and listings. When you patronize any of our wonderful donors, please thank them for their generosity. Warmest wishes, Chris De Waele, Director Jan Goike, Associate Director Joan De Ronne, Administrator George Petrouleas, Assumption Nursery School Committee Chair   Assumption Auction Information 2018 THANK YOU, DONORS! The following businesses and people donated to our event. We appreciate their generosity and are so grateful for their support of our wonderful school!   313 Presents Above the Barre African Safari Wildlife Park Ahee, Christopher & Theresa AJ Nails & Spa Allemon’s Landscape Center Aloft Hotel Detroit Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum Antonino Salon and Spa Ardan Academy of Irish Dance Aria Salon Associates Therapeutic Massage Atwater in the Park AVB Images Badalamenti-Ferlito […]

2018 Hollywood Nights Auction Gala

Download this year’s flyer Download the Enrollment Form Year-round flexible scheduling is available, including half-day and full-day programs with the opportunity for extended hours from 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Limited space is available in the following classes: Young Toddlers: 12-18 months, Middle Toddlers: 18-22 months, Older Toddler Room: 22-30 months, Transition: 2 ½ – 3 years, 3-year-old preschool classes – turning 3 before December 1 4-year-old preschool classes – turning 4 before December 1 Young Fives class. (With the State of Michigan changing the starting age of Kindergarten, children who turn 5 between August and November can enroll in the Young Fives class that will give them an opportunity to explore an introduction to Kindergarten curriculum in a developmentally appropriate environment.) As the recipient of the Governor’s Award of Excellence, Assumption provides an age-appropriate educational environment where children are encouraged to engage in activities to discover and explore new areas of interest. The curriculum is aligned with the State of Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality (ECSQ). It provides children the opportunity to develop friendships, problem solving techniques, decision making skills, independence and self-confidence. Assumption staff has been trained in Habits of Mind, a program which enhances the State’s revised curriculum to the Approaches To Learning domain. This particular domain focuses on how to learn on one’s own and in the company of others. It demonstrates the relationship between thinking, learning and acting. Expectations in this domain are expressions of positive attitudes, skills and learning processes that build foundations for lifelong learning and responsible living in a continuously changing world. The Assumption staff skillfully guide children toward self-regulation as they present a well-rounded curriculum covering the following subject areas required by the State standards for Early Childhood: Creative Arts, Language and Early Literacy, Technology Literacy, Social, Emotional and […]

Registration Has Begun for 2019-2020 School Year